Altantic Senior Fellows Lauren Hunt and Aya Ashour



GBHI’s leadership development approach encourages reflection and collaboration to develop leadership knowledge and skills. Leadership activities and small group sessions emphasize community-building and cohort bonding while exploring leadership styles and GBHI’s values. GBHI embraces a values-based process focused on self-discovery, interpersonal skills, and public leadership to develop the leadership potential of the Atlantic Fellows.

Some fellows may initially be reluctant to identify themselves as leaders. However, the leadership curriculum has a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging beyond the academic and traditional professional settings. Reframing our idea of leadership as an opportunity to serve one’s community strengthens a shared sense of purpose and responsibility. This approach nurtures the inclusion of leaders who are outside of traditional power structures.

Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Not all leaders look the same.

— Kai Kennedy, Faculty Lead, GBHI Leadership Development Program

The leadership portion of the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program is intended to contribute to the development of skills needed to become an effective and collaborative team member, and a leader and change agent in the area of brain health and dementia prevention. This portion of the program emphasizes self-mastery and developing a community-based and collaborative approach to leadership.

The leadership program begins with a retreat which allows the fellows to more deeply explore its key themes and consider group norms and approaches. Over the course of the year, the fellows have a number of small group sessions where they discuss topics with facilitators drawn from the GBHI team and faculty. The topics include Self Mastery, Radical Collaboration, Systems Thinking, Developing a Leadership Strategy, and Sustaining the Work. There are also fellow-led sessions where fellows discuss and develop ideas or projects of particular interest. The GBHI Annual Conference also provides a venue where fellows can design their own leadership sessions and event. Finally, over the course of the year, there are a number of other lectures and seminars on leadership-related themes.

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The biggest takeaway for me from the leadership program was that leadership is by deed, not by word, and that allows me to bring people with me on the journey.

Irina Kinchin
Atlantic Fellow, Health Economist
Atlantic Fellow Irina Kinchin during Leadership Week


Overview of the mentorship at Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health

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Overview of clinical and lived experiences for Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health