Partners and Collaborators

GBHI’s mission to reduce the scale and impact of dementia worldwide cannot be accomplished without the input and support of expert partners, affiliates, and collaborators. As dedicated allies within the support network of GBHI, they offer specific resources and opportunities to advance our shared goals to prevent dementia and protect brain health. 

Partners and collaborators enhance key aspects of GBHI’s mission in the following ways:

  • Promoting recruitment of the most talented applicants to the Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health program
  • Offering access to more diverse disciplines to create a multifaceted approach Increasing GBHI’s capacity to provide training, project implementation, and scientific partnerships in new parts of the world
  • Increasing global awareness of GBHI, its mission, and its goals
  • Contributing to and expanding GBHI’s long-term impact goals 

Learn More About Our Impact

Atlantic Fellows at the Walk to End Alzheimer's
Press conference at the GBHI and Alzheimer's Association International Conference with Ricardo Nitrini, Lea Grinberg, Maria Carillo, and Rodrigo Rizek Schultz


Alzheimer’s Association 
Alzheimer’s Society UK
Fondation Alzheimer

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Alzheimer’s Disease International
Brain Health Scotland
International Federation on Ageing
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
World Dementia Council

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