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Program Experience


As an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, no two days will be the same. Fellows not only have traditional coursework but also practical experiences, such as clinical observations and case-based learning, links with community outreach programs, mentoring, panel discussions, and meetings with Atlantic Fellows from our sister programs.

From September 2022 fellows undertaking the program will be eligible to register for a Certificate award from the host institutions of UCSF and Trinity. These certificate programs have been designed to incorporate the existing structure and activities of the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health learning experience, and will allow fellows academic recognition of the work they undertake as in-program fellows.

Program Elements

The program elements and associated activities are designed to provide fellows with experiences that build knowledge, enhance skills, reinforce values, and cultivate a community of well-networked global brain health leaders. These core elements are not discrete, but inherently interlinked and self-supporting. 

The program journey falls into four sections: Bond, Brainstorm, Build, and Bridge. These phases are: 

  • The initial “Bond” period where fellows develop their relationships with their cohort, staff, and faculty;
  • “Brainstorm” period during which fellows engage with the program content and develop new ideas and concepts; 
  • “Build” period in which fellows work toward the development of their pilot award; 
  • Final “Bridge” period when fellows transition to the next stage of their careers as Senior Fellows and wider members of the Atlantic Fellows community.
Timeline of major activities of the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program

Above: A timeline of the primary activities of the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program.

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