Our Impact

Atlantic Fellow Lorna Roe speaking in Cairo, Egypt

GBHI community members, including 230+ Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health and leading faculty at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Trinity College Dublin (Trinity), are engaged in a multitude of activities across research, practice, education, and advocacy to generate global impact in brain health through collective goals:


A diverse community representative of 50+ countries worldwide, including the most under-resourced people vulnerable to dementia, GBHI aims to promote equity in prevention strategies and care models for at-risk populations.
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Through activities such as Pilot Awards for GlobalBrain Health Leaders and GBHI Projects, GBHI has developed dozens of initiatives focused on brain health in 24 countries worldwide. In this way, GBHI aims to improve dementia diagnosis, treatment, and care for people with dementia and their families.
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By actively engaging in community events, media, education, and much more, GBHI aims to create social change, reduce stigma, and inspire optimism and dignity for people with dementia and at-risk populations.
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By collaborating with various organizations, GBHI community members aim to develop and refine dementia and brain health policies through evidence-based advocacy and outreach.
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To generate and distribute knowledge to advance the field of brain health and dementia prevention, faculty and Atlantic Fellows at GBHI produce hundreds of publications in high impact journals, including Nature, JAMA, and Neurology annually, as well as communicate to broad audiences through books, theatre and musical performances, art, film, and much more.
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