The Global Brain Health Institute

The Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) is a leader in the global community dedicated to protecting the world’s aging populations from threats to brain health. GBHI works to reduce the scale and impact of dementia in three ways: by training and connecting the next generation of leaders in brain health through the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program; by collaborating in expanding preventions and interventions; by sharing knowledge and engaging in advocacy. Learn More

Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health

The Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program, based at GBHI, provides innovative training, networking and support to emerging leaders who are focused on bringing transformative change to improve brain health and reduce the impact of dementia worldwide.

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The Atlantic Fellows at GBHI

The Global Brain Health Institute's training program cultivates the transformative potential of individuals through learning and a network of mentors.



The broad expertise of the GBHI faculty, staff, and affiliates creates an exciting opportunity for fellows to learn from recognized leaders in a range of disciplines. GBHI personnel investigate topics ranging from health care economics to model care of people with dementia; from evaluating risk factors of disease to policies that help elders thrive; from leadership to effective communication.