Current Work

Mindy supports the learning environment at GBHI, including Canvas, and in the classroom. She is adapting her expertise as a teacher educator from traditional classroom environments for this new flipped class and zoom “rooms” while also supporting Faculty to adapt content for this new environment.

Personal Hero

Dorothy Day

Words of Strength

Creating connections among diverse voices


GBHI is helping create vivid opportunities for reducing the burdens of dementia and improving brain health, and Mindy is thrilled to be a part of a program that is making strides in addressing global health inequities.


Mindy has always enjoyed assisting those from multiple academic arenas “translate” their knowledge, helping them to reach broader audiences. She has instructed students and faculty in telling their stories, via traditional and non-traditional modes of punditry, in creative and engaging ways.


Mindy's work focuses on bringing together diverse groups and ensuring that all are supported and prepared to both contribute and learn. Mindy is thrilled to be a part of an educational program that does this in order to address global health inequities.

Education & Experience

Mindy received her BA in Economics and History from the University of Michigan. In addition to her Masters of Arts in Teaching from the School for International Training, she holds Certification to teach at the Secondary Level from Oakland University. She has also had the opportunity to each and carry out teacher training at several universities as well as in a number of different countries. She joined GBHI in 2018.