Younger woman and older man hold up an art project
Project Type - Pilot Projects, Artistic Initiatives

Multimodal Intergenerational Social Contact Intervention (MISCI)

Northern America


Loneliness and social isolation are undesirable in their own right and constitute risk factors for developing dementia and other terminal and chronic illnesses as we age.

The Multimodal Intergenerational Social Contact Intervention (MISCI) is a primary prevention strategy to address loneliness and social isolation by matching older at-risk adults with local adolescents and young adults. At maturity, MISCI will be personalized, comprehensive, low-cost, scalable, and culturally adaptable with multiple modes of social contact focused on Creative Engagement (MISCI-CE), Physical Exercise (MISCI-PE), and Healthy Meals (MISCI-HM) – all of which are guided through Personalization and Health Systems Integration

Project Details

The MISCI Pilot for Creative Engagement (MISCI-PCE) is a preliminary feasibility and acceptability test of the MISCI approach by piloting the Creative Engagement module. MISCI-PCE matches older adults screened for loneliness living in San Francisco with San Francisco-based university students.

During two rounds of the 3-month MISCI-PCE intervention, 30 triads will be matched according to primary language and creative interests in order to create art together. Validated instruments will measure loneliness, mood, and purpose in life pre/post intervention, and each triad will assess their experiences and offer suggestions for improvement.

Process evaluation of this pilot program can determine how best to improve and expand the program into the other three risk reduction areas and how to adapt and scale the program for use in other locations nationally and internationally.