Creative Brain Week 2023

Event Details

March 6-10, 2023

light bulbs containing brains

A Global Brain Health Institute Initiative at Trinity College Dublin

Creative Brain Week is back!

Building on the success of this year's inaugural Creative Brain Week, GBHI is delighted to announce that Creative Brain Week 2023 will be taking place from March 6-10, 2023 online and in person at Trinity College Dublin.

Creative Brain Week 2023 explores conflict, imagination and joy.

  • How can creativity informed by neuroscience help us navigate through life altering or nation changing circumstance?
  • What do we need to know to make that possible?
  • Where is it already happening?

Creativity is everyone’s asset. Come and nurture yours.


About Creative Brain Week

Creative Brain Week is pioneering event illustrating innovation at the intersection of arts and brain science, sharing experience and knowledge from both academic and public practice.

It examines and promotes the inter-disciplinary neuroscience of creativity and the brain and all its practical applications, featuring exhibitions and talks by scientists, artists and innovators.

Learn more about the inaugural 2022 event on the Creative Brain Week website


More details about the Creative Brain Week 2023 program, which explores and celebrates how brain science and creativity collide, will be available over the upcoming months.

In the meantime if you have questions please contact: