Global Atlantic Fellows Community Call: Sleep & Alzheimer's Disease

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We are delighted to have a deep dive with: 

Global Atlantic Fellows Neus Falgas (2019 Cohort), Sandra Gimenez (2021 Cohort), and Carmen Lage (2021 Cohort) about their collaboration for a recent symposium on sleep and Alzheimer’s disease that Sandra organized for a Spanish Sleep Society event in Pamplona, with Neus and Carmen as co-panelists. (“La Sociedad Española del Sueño es el máximo exponente para el desarrollo de la investigación e impulso de la Medicina del Sueño en España;” more here:

Hear about their experience, how they connected, the themes of the talks, and the impact and next steps to gain ideas and insights for your work in different fields.

During the call after the deep dive, there will also be time for your updates and GBHI staff announcements.


  • Catch up with Global Atlantic Fellows from GBHI with time for across-the-community updates
  • Hear a deep-dive from Global Atlantic Fellows with in-depth information about their work
  • Receive news and announcements from the GBHI team


This event is for Global Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health.


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