Creative Brain Week 2022

From March 12-16, 2022 the inaugural event hosted global experts, to discover creativity’s impact in areas including social development, technology and entrepreneurship.

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Creative Brain week is a celebration and exploration of how the brain and creativity collide to build new ideas in the areas of social development, technology, entrepreneurship, brain health and physical wellbeing. Creativity is everyone’s biggest asset, the brain its starting point and home— together it’s how people solve problems.

This pioneering event explores the intersection of the arts and brain science, delving into discussion on health and wellbeing, productivity, innovation, business, technology, and equity.

Hosted by the Global Brain Health Institute, online and in-person events, at Trinity College Dublin, made up an exciting 5-day program of exploration with international experts coming together to celebrate creativity, originality, and its application. Guest speakers included artists, neuroscientists, researchers, educationalists, industry leaders and innovators. Along with speaking events, the week included panel discussions, talks and a creative exhibition.

Over 100 expert speakers brought their own perspective and suggested how their thinking and originality might serve humanity into the future. In tandem, a creative exhibition covered a wide variety of genres and themes from dance to opera to visual art to performances.

Themes explored during week included: Business and Innovation: Neuroscience and Creativity; Creativity with Neuroscience; The Creative Brain on Arts, Health & Wellness; and Creativity, Neuroscience and Equity.

Speaking about the event, Ian Robertson, co-director of GBHI, said: "It was a privilege to host the inaugural Creative Brain Week here at Trinity College. As a trained clinical psychologist and neuroscientist, I firmly believe that understanding the links and intersections between creativity and neuroscience is crucial for continued innovation and development. Finding creative common ground in a world that is in a state of flux post pandemic will help us strive for better not only in the areas of science but in business, innovation and the arts."

Over the coming years Creative Brain Week will explore and promote the relationships between creativity, the brain and all areas of our lives, from health to business and arts to technology. It will connect inspiring experience and knowledge from academic and public practice.

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