Federated Analysis in COINSTAC Reveals Functional Network Connectivity and Spectral Links to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption in Nearly 2,000 Adolescent Brains


Neuroinformatics. 2022 Nov 25. doi: 10.1007/s12021-022-09604-4. Online ahead of print.


With the growth of decentralized/federated analysis approaches in neuroimaging, the opportunities to study brain disorders using data from multiple sites has grown multi-fold. One such initiative is the Neuromark, a fully automated spatially constrained independent component analysis (ICA) that is used to link brain network abnormalities among different datasets, studies, and disorders while leveraging subject-specific networks. In this study, we implement the neuromark pipeline in COINSTAC, an open-source neuroimaging framework for collaborative/decentralized analysis. Decentralized exploratory analysis of nearly 2000 resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging datasets collected at different sites across two cohorts and co-located in different countries was performed to study the resting brain functional network connectivity changes in adolescents who smoke and consume alcohol. Results showed hypoconnectivity across the majority of networks including sensory, default mode, and subcortical domains, more for alcohol than smoking, and decreased low frequency power. These findings suggest that global reduced synchronization is associated with both tobacco and alcohol use. This proof-of-concept work demonstrates the utility and incentives associated with large-scale decentralized collaborations spanning multiple sites.

PMID:36434478 | DOI:10.1007/s12021-022-09604-4


Harshvardhan Gazula
Kelly Rootes-Murdy
Bharath Holla
Sunitha Basodi
Zuo Zhang
Eric Verner
Ross Kelly
Pratima Murthy
Amit Chakrabarti
Debasish Basu
Subodh Bhagyalakshmi Nanjayya
Rajkumar Lenin Singh
Roshan Lourembam Singh
Kartik Kalyanram
Kamakshi Kartik
Kumaran Kalyanaraman
Krishnaveni Ghattu
Rebecca Kuriyan
Sunita Simon Kurpad
Gareth J Barker
Rose Dawn Bharath
Sylvane Desrivieres
Meera Purushottam
Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos
Eesha Sharma
Matthew Hickman
Mireille Toledano
Nilakshi Vaidya
Tobias Banaschewski
Arun L W Bokde
Herta Flor
Antoine Grigis
Hugh Garavan
Penny Gowland
Andreas Heinz
Rüdiger Brühl
Jean-Luc Martinot
Marie-Laure Paillére Martinot
Eric Artiges
Frauke Nees
Tomás Paus
Luise Poustka
Juliane H Fröhner
Lauren Robinson
Michael N Smolka
Henrik Walter
Jeanne Winterer
Robert Whelan
IMAGEN Consortium
Jessica A Turner
Anand D Sarwate
Sergey M Plis
Vivek Benegal
Gunter Schumann
Vince D Calhoun