GBHI Annual Report 2021⁠–⁠2022 Available Now

Older woman seated on steps arms folded looking into camera

The Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) is delighted to share this annual report for 2021–22. The growth of our community fuels our efforts towards brain health equity. In September 2022, we welcomed 32 new fellows. The program now totals 205 fellows—current and Global Atlantic Fellows (alumni)—from 48 countries across the globe. 

In 2021–22, our flagship program, the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health, reached a significant milestone—the academic certifications from University of California, San Francisco, and Trinity College Dublin. The university-endorsed certifications formalize the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health as an academic program. This achievement is a long time coming and a testament to the standard of excellence produced by the hard work of our staff and faculty.

Despite the challenges we face with a global pandemic, collaborative work within the global alumni network is thriving, including Creative Brain Week, a pioneering 5-day event at the intersection of arts and brain science; and Strategizing Transdisciplinary Research Priorities (STRAP), an international working group focused on improving care for people with dementia and their carers.

GBHI continues to focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. The Person and Public Voice program strives to ensure that the voices of people with lived experience of dementia are central to our work. Through events focused on diversity in clinical research, we aim to improve the safety, effectiveness, and accessibility of potential treatments for dementia. The 2022 Equity Award focuses on increasing diversity in brain donations for dementia research.

Through new partnerships, GBHI is expanding our reach, including a new course to support the brain health of sportspeople and a partnership with Fondation Alzheimer to empower French medical researchers and clinicians committed to Alzheimer’s disease and global change.

We hope you enjoy reading about all these stories and more. We share deep gratitude to our community members and supporters.

View or download the annual report.