GBHI Members Gather to Disrupt Brain Health Disparities

GBHI Annual Conference 2022 – Disrupting Disparities: Multidisciplinary Approaches for Brain Health Equity

On June 15 –17, GBHI community members, collaborators, and brain health enthusiasts worldwide connected at the GBHI Annual Conference to consider new and different perspectives to advance brain health. The theme was “Disrupting Disparities: Multidisciplinary Approaches for Brain Health Equity.”

Adapted as a virtual experience due to COVID-19, the conference included activities to build the GBHI community and celebrate its work across disciplines and regions. Participants learned about diverse perspectives to promote global brain health equity, including how Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health are building interdisciplinary best practices in dementia prevention, research, and care.

Examples explored work from Alejandra Guerrero (Neurologist and Atlantic Fellow) on homelessness in Colombia, Tanisha Hill-Jarrett (Neuropsychologist and Atlantic Fellow) on interpersonal and systemic racism in the US, Joni Gillisen (Social Health Scientist and Atlantic Fellow) on end-of-life care in Belgium, and Hanan Khalil (Physiotherapist and Atlantic Fellow) on forced migration in Jordan.

Additional sessions included perspectives on leadership, pilot awards, and the power of art and science to build equity in brain health. You can read more about the conference here.