GBHI Welcomes New Governing Board Members

On July 1, GBHI welcomed two new members to the GBHI Governing Board: Drs. Tracey Naledi and Andrea Slachevsky.

“GBHI strives for our leadership to reflect our global ambitions of equity, our talented fellows, and the diverse communities we serve,” said Veronica Campbell, PhD, chair of the board; and Victor Valcour, MD, PhD, executive director, GBHI, in a joint statement. “We are delighted that the composition of our board increasingly reflects these milestones. Among many other core competencies added to our board, Drs. Naledi and Slachevsky will offer key global perspectives to the challenging work we seek to do.”

headshot of Tracey Naledi
headshot of Andrea Slachevsky

Dr. Naledi is a public health physician and currently Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town and Board Chair of Tekano, home of the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in South Africa program. She has held senior management positions in the public sector in South Africa and NGO sectors in South Africa & Botswana. Her areas of work include research translation into policy and practice, health system strengthening and health equity

Dr. Slachevsky is an Associate Professor at the University of Chile, Director of the Neuropsychiatric and Memory Clinic at the Faculty of Medicine and Hospital del Salvador and Deputy Director of the Center for Geroscience, Brain Health and Metabolism (GERO), a center examining the multidisciplinary study of aging and brain diseases. She is a cognitive neurologist with extensive experience in the development and application of behavioral testing of neurodegenerative disorders.

“GBHI is a leader in the global community dedicated to protecting the world’s populations from threats to brain health,” continued Campbell and Valcour. “Our strategic plan guides our commitment to excellence, dignity, equity, opportunity, diversity, collaboration, scientific rigor and curiosity. Filling all appointments to our Governing Board, which provides the highest level of oversight for GBHI, helps us to meet another milestone in this mission.”