Global Brain Health Institute Reaches Milestone, Sets Sights on Continued Impact for Brain Health

The Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) reached a significant milestone June 24 when Atlantic Philanthropies finalized a gift to UC San Francisco and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) to continue to address the global dementia epidemic.

“Over the past four years, GBHI has built the foundation for a global network of leaders to address the social and physical determinants of brain health,” said Christopher G. Oechsli, president and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies. “This groundbreaking community is actively changing the practices, narratives and policies that will improve the quality of our lives.”

In 2015, the Atlantic Philanthropies granted $177 million to UCSF and Trinity College Dublin to create the Global Brain Health Institute. The latest commitment of $107 million, based on GBHI reaching institutional milestones, fulfills the final portion of this award, now totaling $179 million. The financial backing reflects the ambitions of Atlantic and its founder, Charles “Chuck” Feeney, to advance fairer, healthier, and more inclusive societies.

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