Mourning the Loss of Atlantic Philanthropies Founder Charles F. Feeney

Chuck Feeney peacefully died on October 9, 2023, in San Francisco. He was 92 years old.

Chuck Feeney

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you news of the passing of Charles Francis "Chuck" Feeney, a remarkable Irish American businessman and philanthropist. Chuck Feeney, who dedicated his entire personal fortune to global philanthropy during his lifetime, peacefully died on October 9, 2023, in San Francisco. He was 92 years old.

Chuck Feeney's legacy in the realm of philanthropy is nothing short of extraordinary. His philanthropic organization, The Atlantic Philanthropies, quietly disbursed grants exceeding $8 billion across five continents, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives. Bill Gates aptly referred to him as the "ultimate example of Giving While Living," and Chuck's own words echoed this sentiment: "I had one idea that never changed in my mind—that you should use your wealth to help people."

The Global Brain Health Institute came to life because of Chuck’s vision of a world in which we can better understand and treat dementia. He recognized that brain health is driven by the same social determinants that influence all health outcomes, and he identified the need for emerging leaders to tackle these global inequities.

The true impact of his vision will be felt for years to come as our international leaders in brain health revolutionize the ways in which dementia is addressed. We are forever inspired and grateful for his grand vision and generosity.

Many Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health shared tributes to Chuck's impact:

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  • "He did so much for so many people. He always knew what were the real priorities in life and his vision and legacy will always be remembered."
  • "I'm so humbled by how he lived and led others with his vision." 
  • "His legacy will continue forever. (His) life is an inspiration for us to accomplish great things despite challenges."
  • "Great man with a vision and a mission we must follow. Descanse en paz!"
  • "We are his breath and we will continue to ensure his heart beats in every corner of our world."
  • "This inspires me to continue to unite our efforts in his memory and to ensure we carry his vision and grow what he brought into life through our actions. As he said, "It's all about the people." I'm honored to carry the light he shared with us forward alongside each of you."
  • "We will all continue to shine the light that Chuck ignited across the world."