Research Topic on Modifiable Risk Factors for Dementia Launched

Dementia is a global humanitarian challenge that is increasing with population aging. Over the past decade, a range of potentially modifiable risk factors have been identified, which include: educational attainment, socioeconomic status, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, physical inactivity, hearing loss, social isolation and air pollution. If addressed, these factors could delay or prevent 40-50% of future dementia cases.

Despite this progress, we lack in-depth knowledge about modifiable risk factors, how they interact, and their mechanisms of action. In addition, the majority of existing knowledge about risk factors comes from higher income countries. This is particularly problematic as 68% of all people with dementia by 2050 will be living in lower and middle income countries. Clearly, there is an urgent need to identify and address risk factors within these communities. 

A new Research Topic has recently been launched to highlight the latest research and reviews on modifiable risk factors of dementia in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. The topic is co-edited by Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health Susanne Röhr, Petronilla Battista and Francesca Farina, along with researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig, Germany) and the Instituto Nacional de Geriatría (Mexico City, Mexico).

The Research Topic is currently open for submissions and welcomes original research, reviews and opinion papers on any of the following topics:

  • New and emerging modifiable risk factors of cognitive decline and dementia    
  • The impact of modifiable risk factors on brain structure, function, cognition and dementia risk in humans, assessed in observational studies and interventional trials    
  • The interaction of genetic background and modifiable risk factors in different populations;    
  • Gender-specific analysis of the impact of modifiable risk factors on brain structure, function, cognition and dementia risk
  • Modifiable risk factors in under-represented communities or countries, particularly lower and middle income countries    
  • The relationship of social determinants and modifiable risk factors    


The deadline for submissions is 13 September 2021.


For more information about the Research Topic or to submit an abstract, visit the webpage here, or contact the editors below.

Susanne Röhr:

Petronilla Battista:

Francesca Farina: