Current Work

Aura is responsible for supporting our Pilot Awards Program, as well as our Regional Impact efforts, with a particular focus on program development and integration.

Personal Hero


Words of Strength

Integrity, positivity, and gratitude


Aura believes that the value placed on prevention and education, so integral to solving the puzzle of dementia, could be a model for many other health conditions.


Before joining GBHI, Aura worked as a Care Manager Associate, directly supporting home-bound geriatric clients, many of whom live with dementia. She also taught Pilates, where she focused on healing through injury, illness, and chronic conditions. She has come to appreciate the many benefits associated with mindful movement and basic health education. 


Aura is motivated to support the discovery and development of interventions aimed at protecting brain health and improving quality of life for the aging population around the world. Further, Aura is committed to finding ways to integrate the need to address the climate change crisis into the field of healthcare. 

Education & Experience

Aura earned a bachelor's degree in biology from UC Santa Cruz, which included a study abroad program in Costa Rica. She then earned a master of science degree in biology, where she was awarded a fellowship for 2 years, partnering with science teachers in the San Francisco Unified School District to enhance science education tools and resources in underperforming schools.

University of California Santa Cruz
Bachelor of Science
San Francisco State University
Master of Science



 a Note

Have ideas for global brain health or a collaboration? I would love to hear from you. Feel free to send an introductory note.