Current Work

Ayda is currently serving as Director of the Mental Health Service division. She closely supervises the inpatient, outpatient, emergency and outreach mental health service of Eka Kotebe Hospital. She also chairs the psychiatry quality improvement team.

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To reduce the scale and impact of dementia, we need to encourage generation of scientific evidence and take concrete steps in terms of ensuring that our health policies address predisposing and perpetuating factors of mental and neurological condition.


Ayda is currently working on screening and management of elderly patients with mental illness who visit her clinic for concomitant cognitive imparment. Identifying cognitive imparment has a positive impact on the overall prognosis and patient outcome. 


As an Atlantic Fellow, Ayda aims to influence brain health policy in her country Ethiopia through her research work and make meaningful impact on the lives of millions of people living with mental and neurological conditions. 


In Ethiopia, mental and neurological conditions are at the bottom of the priority list. Ayda wants to change this trend based on scientific evidence and advocate for due attention. Data can drive change through allocation of resources.

Education & Experience

Ayda Kebede received her medical school training from Addis, Ababa University, School of Medicine, Ethiopia. She then received her speciality certificate in Psychiatry from St.Paul's Hospital Millenium Medical College, Addis Ababa. After completion of her speciality training she joined Eka Kotebe Hospital as a Consultant Psychiatrist where she served as Director of the Mental Health Service Division.She has sucessfully lead the mental health and psychosocial support task force and worked tirelessly to integrate mental health care into the COVID-19 response at a national level.

Addis, Ababa University, School of Medicine, Ethiopia
Medical Degree
St.Paul's Hospital Millenium Medical College, Addis Ababa
Specialty Certificate



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