Current Work

Djibril is a psychiatrist and global health specialist with special interest in brain health, global mental health and health systems. He is chief attending psychiatry at Borama Hospital and also lectures and conducts research in brain health and NCDs.

Personal Hero

My mother

Words of Strength

Active listener, game changer, implementer and public figure


Address dementia care and promote health aging by bringing a creative and realistic public advocacy into old age and healthy aging. This includes prioritizing geriatric medicine and mental health services by integrating preventive and therapy.


Dementia is growing public health problem in Djibril's country. Due to increasing life expectancy many people are aging, and dementia is becoming common. By this fact, he aims to bring lasting public health measure in dementia care.

Education & Experience

Djibril completed medical school at Amoud University in Borama Somalia. After working five years as assistant in psychiatry and setting up mental health services he went to obtain international health training at institute of global health of Heidelberg University in Germany. He went to serve doctors without borders in Nigeria as a public health specialist and then moved to Addis Ababa Ethiopia for a residency in psychiatry at Saint Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College. He is the founding head of department of psychiatry and public health academic at Amoud University in Somalia.