Elaine Howard, MS

Dementia Service Consultant

Working to develop knowledgeable support ecosystems that enable people to live well with dementia in their communities.

Current Work

Elaine is a project management consultant supporting dementia innovation and enhanced service delivery across health, research, and community services.  

Personal Hero

The quietly courageous and determined

Words of Strength

Collaborative, outcomes focused, solution finding


A society where people with dementia are valued and supported to live their best life, connected and actively engaged within their community.


Elaine believes impactful change happens when people work collaboratively towards a shared goal. People living with dementia must be at the center of that collaboration, sharing their insights to inform how change should and must happen. Working with stakeholders across the dementia field ensures that the required changes are relevant, effective and sustainable for people with dementia.


As an Atlantic Fellow, Elaine has gained a deeper understanding of dementia and its impact globally. She's been able to work collaboratively with her peers internationally towards the shared goal of improving services for people with dementia.


Elaine’s motivation is that people with dementia should be valued as equal citizens and their voices heard. She uses her project management experience and dementia knowledge to work collaboratively with people with dementia, family, community, research and healthcare environments to build knowledgeable ecosystems of support that enable people living with dementia to live well within their communities.

Education & Experience

Elaine has undertaken significant organisational and system change work in both the financial and health services sector. Within operations, group development and programme management roles she delivered system change, supported innovation and pilot change programmes, delivered multiple service enhancement solutions and completed system evaluations with recommendations. Elaine received her master's degree in Dementia from Trinity College Dublin.

Trinity College Dublin

Awards & Honors

Inaugural Senior Atlantic Institute Award

Atlantic Institute, University of Oxford
East Mediterranean Brain Health Initiative
Atlantic Senior Fellows Award (inaugural)