Current Work

Elul is a clinical psychologist and mental health advocate. She sets up and hosts radio and television programs on the issue of mental health. She also utilizes social media platforms to discuss brain health.

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Advocacy can play a great role in reducing the scale and impact of dementia. We need to raise our voices to support those who are impacted by dementia. The more people who speak up, the greater the awareness, prevention, and early intervention.


Elul uses various social media platforms and public media to raise awareness about the nature of dementia and how to help people living with dementia and those who care for them.


Elul aspires to connect with a passionate community of people from various fields, and cultural backgrounds, and outstanding mentors who are similarly passionate about collaborating to reduce the burden of dementia.


The burden of dementia is increasing dramatically in her home country, Ethiopia, yet the majority of society is still unaware of the nature of the condition.

Education & Experience

Elul received her baccalaureate degree in Applied Psychology from Adama Science and Technology University, and after six months of volunteering in a local psychiatry hospital, she enrolled in Addis Ababa University College of Health Science, Department of Psychiatry, to pursue a Master of Science in Clinical psychology. She established her own practice after attaining her Master's degree and uses various public and social media platforms to draw attention to brain health.

Addis Ababa University
Clinical Psychology
Adama Science and Technology University
Applied Psychology
Bachelor's Degree

Awards & Honors

Adama Science and Technology University
Highest Academic Score Student Award