Current Work

Emmanuel is researching cognitive and biological markers of Alzheimer’s disease in a sample of elderly Congolese over 50 years in Democratic Republic of Congo. He also organizes medical consultations for patients with cognitive disorders.

Personal Hero

Lenyama Onenda

Words of Strength

Positive mindset leads to success


Raising awareness and implementing local solutions are keys to reduce the impact of dementia worldwide


Emmanuel organizes awareness sessions on dementia and related diseases in different local communities. In addition, he has completed medical consultations at the hospital or at home for elderly people with cognitive disorders.


Emmanuel aims to implement an ambitious project that will focus on the creation of a Center of Excellence for the care of degenerative diseases. This project will be called in local langage (Lingala) "KIMOBANGE NA ESENGO" (HAPPY AGEING).


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, abnormal behaviors can be attributed to witchcraft. When Emmanuel became a doctor, he decided to dedicate his research and clinical practice to improving the knowledge of Alzheimer's disease in his home country.

Education & Experience

Emmanuel Epenge received his medical school training from Protestant University of Congo, Kinshasa. He received a master's degree in neuropsychiatry from University of Kinshasa, Kinshasa.

Protestant University of Congo, Kinshasa
University of Kinshasa, Kinshasa
Master's degree



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