Current Work

As an Integrating Performing Arts and Brain Health Consultant, Eric is currently utilizing his expertise to envision and design innovative solutions that leverage Music and Arts to address the unique challenges of brain health research and care.

Personal Hero

Paul Robeson

Words of Strength

Visionary, Dedicated, Compassionate, Strategic, Influential


R- Research- Develop more music-based prevention and intervention clinical trials

A- Awareness- Advance public education about brain health and wellness

P- Philanthropy- Financially assist individuals and families unable to afford long-term care


By bridging the gap between Music, Arts, Science and Technology, Eric would like to become a leader in driving music related dementia research, equity, public awareness and brain health philanthropy in the USA and around the world.

Education & Experience

Eric Myricks, also known as Elijah Rock, is a NAACP Award-Winning Performer, noted recording artist of The Great American Songbook, Innovative Arts and Brain Health Consultant and Creative Entrepreneur. With over 20 years of experience in music, theater, film and technology, he has become a sought-after expert in his multi-disciplinary field. Eric is also the Founder and President of The Elijah Rock Foundation Inc., a newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to advance dementia research through Music, Science and Technology, expand brain health awareness globally, and provide financial assistance for long-term dementia care to those in need. Eric's philosophy is founded on the belief that the transformative power of music and the arts can be harnessed to promote brain health and wellness, leading to a world where individuals can thrive in every stage of life.

The Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM)
Young Artist & Post Graduate Training