Erin Smith

Creative technologist

We need multidisciplinary teams that build creative solutions to reduce the scale and impact of dementia.

Current Work

Technologist and brain health executive focused on building the future of brain health.

Personal Hero

Leonardo da Vinci

Words of Strength

Empathetic listener and curious human


Dementia is characterized by its complexity and broad societal impact, making it poorly suited to siloed approaches of thinking and innovation. We need multidisciplinary teams that build creative solutions to reduce the scale and impact of dementia.


Erin is focused on developing technology to build an objective, personalized, and preemptive brain health future. She also works on developing neuroscience-inspired policy to put brain health at the center of economic and societal recovery and resilience.


As an Atlantic Fellow, Erin aims to develop technologies for a precision-medicine approach to dementia care. She also hopes to develop new approaches to dementia that address the social, economic, political, scientific, and technological components of care.


Erin believes that the 21st century will be defined by our collective response to the current brain health crisis. Dementia care remains inaccessible, reactive, and one size fits all. We need innovative solutions across the entire continuum of dementia care.

Education & Experience

Erin is the founder of FacePrint, a tool to detect and monitor neurodegenerative diseases using video technology and early-stage facial expression impairments. She is on the Steering Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative and the Director at the PRODEO Institute. Erin is a student at Stanford University focused on neuroscience and computer science.

Awards & Honors

  • Forbes 30 under 30
  • AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador
  • Thiel Fellow
  • WIRED Health Startup of the Year
  • Davidson Fellow



 a Note

Have ideas for global brain health or a collaboration? I would love to hear from you. Feel free to send an introductory note.