Idil Özkan, MA

Musician, composer, speaker

Giving voice to those who cannot express themselves, sharing the knowledge and experience, emotions and inspirations.

Current Work

Professional composer with a BA in psychology. Interdisciplinary speeches and seminars focusing on the relationship between music and emotions, theoretical and practical aspects of creativity.

Personal Hero

Hayao Miyazaki, Ursula K. Leguin

Words of Strength

Collecting and creating stories


To encourage the perception of music as a key factor for brain health. Standardizing music and creativity practices to increase emotional well-being; supporting mental health to reduce the risk, scale and impact of dementia.


Raising awareness through speeches and seminars about the positive impact of music on mental health, analyzing music to understand its use in producing pro-social emotions. Exploring the psychology in unlocking and increasing creativity.


Through the Atlantic Fellowship, Idil aims to study the neurological aspect of dementia, explore its interrelation with music and collaborate with a global network of colleagues on projects that combine creativity and science. 


Through music or speeches, seminars or stories, giving voice to those who cannot express themselves, sharing the knowledge and experience, emotions and inspirations.

Education & Experience

?dil is a musician and composer also a psychologist by training. She studied Piano at Istanbul State Conservatory, Psychology at Bo?aziçi University and Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music. She received her MA in Music Composition from Istanbul Technical University-MIAM. Won awards in several competitions as a pianist and accompanist, represented Turkey with her composition 'Anatolian Elegy' in the CD project prepared for the 2008 Olympics. She became one of the 12 composers invited for the Sei Solo Project initiated by Klasik Keyifler, where she composed 'Passage to Ghostland' a piece dedicated to her father who passed away from Dementia. ?dil gives seminars for academic and corporate institutions in the interdisciplinary field of music and psychology about the power of music in affecting and altering emotions, creates stories communicating the power of empathy in music, also exploring and reflecting on modes of creativity.