Matthew Gibb, MSc, DipSW

Senior Social Worker

We must normalise our environment to encourage the full participation of people living with dementia in everyday life.

Current Work

Matthew is a social worker working in the field of cognitive impairment. He is also Director of Dementia Services Information and Development Centre (DSiDC) based at St. James Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

Personal Hero

My family

Words of Strength

Respect for abilities of others


In order to arrive at a point whereby people living with dementia are able to fully participate in the regular patterns of everyday life we must first 'normalise' our environment to accept and encourage that participation.


The DSiDC's educational programmes are fully available to Atlantic Fellows at GBHI and staff and DSiDC promotes the work of GBHI through a dedicated page on their website.


Through the DSiDC, Matthew aims to transform people’s understanding and awareness of dementia via their educational programmes, research and information dissemination.

Education & Experience

Matthew was first appointed to the DSIDC in June 2003 as Medical Social Worker and took on the role as Director of the Centre in 2018. He has a professional background in Social Work practice and a Masters degree in Social Policy and Social Work Studies, from the London School of Economics. Matthew has much experience working with older people, carers and people with sensory and physical disabilities.