Meron Abey

Theater Artist

I aim to create a wide platform for public discussion about brain health.

Current Work

Meron is a theater practitioner exploring how the arts could strengthen the health care service, social equity, and brain health.

Personal Hero

Dr. Catherine Hamlin, Margaret Thatcher

Words of Strength

Resilient, building relationship, risk taking


In the absence of cure and effective pharmacological treatment, Meron believes art-based intervention could bring social change on stigma and awareness. Promoting art-based intervention will benefit better care, prevention and quality of life.


Meron is investigating the perspectives of healthcare professionals and key stakeholders about art-based intervention and implementing community-based art interventions to influence the perception about the role of art in supporting older adults with enduring health conditions.


As an Atlantic Fellow, Meron has gained a better understanding about clinical pathways and methodological expertise. Also, the networking and exposure to experts from different profession will grow her professional pathway.


In Ethiopia dementia is not recognized as a disease yet, rather a curse. Family members face stigma and discrimination. Meron is working to reduce stigma and introduce the role of art intervention to tackle and prevent dementia.

Education & Experience

Meron received her bachelor’s degree from the School of Performing and Visual Arts, Addis Abeba University, Ethiopia. After her graduation, she started running her own theater production company and produced four productions. In 2018 Meron became Country Director for the Art in Medicine project and Representative for Arts in the Health Early Career Research Network. Meron is working to promote the role of arts in supporting mental health in her region.

Addis Abeba University, Ethiopia
School of Perfoming and Visual Arts
Bachelor of Arts