Mikel Gainza, PhD, BSc (Eng)

Music Software Entrepreneur

As a society, we must nurture lifelong learning, mental stimulation, and curiosity and support experts to explore and validate innovative solutions.

Current Work

Mikel is Co-Founder of GuitarApp, a startup dedicated to making music learning and teaching more accessible and engaging. GuitarApp offers a mobile app, diverse tools and content designed to empower musicians, companies, and music educators worldwide.

Personal Hero

My mother

Words of Strength

Creating and building relationships


To reduce dementia's impact, we, as a society, must nurture lifelong learning, mental stimulation and curiosity, and support an open platform for experts to explore and validate innovative solutions impacting all societal levels.


Mikel's company, GuitarApp, focuses on making music learning and teaching as accessible as possible. When it comes to prevention, the impact of music learning, regardless of age or proficiency level, in combating dementia can be significant.


Through the interdisciplinary nature of the fellowship and expert mentorship, Mikel hopes to gain new perspectives, experiences and critical knowledge to help him achieve his goals of using music learning to scale mental health at any age and level.


By lowering the over 90% failure rate in learning to play an instrument among older adults, Mikel aims to boost dementia prevention in society.

Education & Experience

Mikel brings together academic and entrepreneurial backgrounds, merging music with software. Academically, he earned a PhD in Music Signal Processing from Dublin Institute of Technology (now Technological University Dublin), served as a post-doctoral researcher, and co-founded the Audio Research Group. As an entrepreneur, Mikel has built three music software startups, including his latest venture, GuitarApp, and Riffstation, which became part of Fender Musical Instruments.

Technological University Dublin
Music Signal Processing
Technological University Dublin
Electrical/Electronic Engineering
BSc (Eng)
Universidad de Zaragoza
Telecommunications Technical Engineering
Bachelor's degree



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