Current Work

Rabia is a Vice-President for Academic Affairs of Zefat Academic College, ranked currently as associate professor. His work to date has received the recognition of the Venus International Foundation, as well as of the Israel and international Gerontological Society.

Personal Hero

My parents

Words of Strength

Build trust, making networking, dreaming big and work hard


To reduce the scale and impact of dementia, Rabia believes we need to improve and promote the cognitive reserve by increasing social activities, education, and more. We need also to raise awareness among the Arab population about dementia.


Rabia is working with a group of experts to think about how to use gathering existing data at the municipal level. This can help decision makers and service planeers to improve the services for the elderly population and to ensure optimal aging.


As an Atlantic Fellow, Rabia aims to plan interventions and promote national policies to remove barriers and to provide the resources required for brain health equity in the Arab-Israeli society.


The Arab population suffers from underdiagnoses and misdiagnoses of Alzheimer's disease, dementia and cognitive decline due to the lack of Arabic-speaking neurologists and geriatricians, the lack of community services for cognitive disorders, among other reasons.

Education & Experience

Rabia Khalaila completed four academic degrees (B.S.N, M.P.H, M.B.A, and Ph.D) in social work and gerontology, a postdoctoral fellowship in gerontology, as well as professional enrichment and training courses in the fields of leadership and nursing.