Current Work

Psychiatrist working as Director of the Psychiatry training program at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Personal Hero

Menelik the second

Words of Strength

Good listener, non-judgmental


We need to work towards having dementia recognized as one of the conditions that needs public heath officials' attention so that we can work on awareness raising, preventive strategies, early detection and intervention.


Selam treats patients coming to her clinic with psychological and behavioral symptoms of dementia, and psychoeducates the caregivers on how they can help their relative without compromising their own psychological stability.


As an Atlantic Fellow, Selam hopes to develop lots of networks with professionals working in the area of dementia, that she can use in the next step of her career where she wants to focus more on old age psychiatry.


Dementia is usually considered as a normal aging process, there is a lot that should be done to raise awareness so that people can seek help earlier.

Education & Experience

Selam received her medical degree from University of Gondar and later specialty certificate in psychiatry from Addis Ababa University. She also received a certificate in public management from university of Maine, USA. She is now Director of the Psychiatry training program at Addis Ababa University.

Awards & Honors

Ethiopian Medical Association
Best Research Award