Swati Bajpai, PhD


It is crucial that we create global awareness campaigns about dementia for a young audience.

Current Work

Swati works in the Memory Clinic of the Department of Geriatric Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi. She is responsible for providing cognitive assessment and cognitive retraining to persons with dementia, conducting dementia research and authoring publications.

Personal Hero

My Mother

Words of Strength

No health without mental health


To reduce the impact of dementia, it is crucial that we create global awareness campaigns about dementia for a young audience. We need to encourage intergenerational awareness about dementia.


Currently, Swati is working on a digital cognitive training program for remote usage for persons with dementia. This can help with outreach when resources are limited and make a wider impact on improving the wellbeing of people with dementia and their carers.


Swati aims to develop a digital ecosystem of non-pharmacological interventions for dementia management and create early awareness campaigns.


There is huge treatment gap in dementia management between service users and providers. Swati aims to develop a national dementia strategy with minimal resources.

Education & Experience

Swati obtained her Ph.D. degree in Clinical Neuropsychology from Neurosciences Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Following this she joined thereafter Memory Clinic of department of Geriatric Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi as Research Officer.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Clinical Neuropsychology

Awards & Honors

National Academy of Psychology
Cognitive Training in Alzheimer's Disease
Emerging Psychologist Award
Government of India
Computerised holistic package of cognitive training in dementia
Research Associate Fellowship
University College London
Cognitive Intervention for Early Alzheimer's
Neuropsychology International Fellowship
International Council of Psychologists
International Psychology Research
Sukemune/Bain Early Career Award
Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists
Cognitive Rehabilitation for Indian Population
Centenary Award of Best Young Psychologist
Indian Federation of Neurorehabilitation
Indigenous Cognitive Training for Alzheimer's Disease
Gandhi Scholarship