Current Work

Clinical scientist, researcher.

Personal Hero

My parents

Words of Strength

Enthusiasm and passion for science and life


Spread public awareness in dementia globally while understanding cultural perspectives and differences. Promoting the idea of embracing the aging, learning from previous generations by letting younger generations connect with the them.


With her experience in working to define clinically and genetically characterising amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Mongolia, Tselmen wants to further broaden the spectrum and describe, define, and standardise the diagnosing of dementia in her home country


Tselmen will continue working with Atlantic Fellows and her peers towards the goal of advancing equity in brain health globally. She will collaborate on more projects and ideas that achieve goals. Tselmen hopes to collaborate with a new generation of healthcare workers from her home country. 


The lack of multidisciplinary health care services and ascertainment bias on diagnosing degenerative diseases in her country inspires Tselmen to tackle these issues. Filling in the gap in provision of data on dementia from underrepresented countries in Asia.

Education & Experience

Tselmen graduated with a medical degree from the Health Sciences University of Mongolia (former name), and did her masters degree in biomedical sciences. She works as scientific researcher at the Institute of Medical Sciences, and coordinated collaborative project proposals in the field of epidemiology, promotion of health, and defining neurodegenerative diseases in Mongolia. She received a German government scholarship for doctoral studies to pursue a doctoral degree in medicine based on a bilateral project between Germany and Mongolia.

Awards & Honors

Leading scientist in the field of Medicine, given under auspice of Ministry of Education, Science and Culture