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Project Type - Pilot Projects

Awareness and Knowledge of Dementia Amongst Speech and Language Therapists

Latin America & Caribbean


Investigation and action plan to increase awareness and knowledge of dementia amongst speech and language therapists from Brazil. Dementia is under-detected and under-diagnosed, with no known cure and few effective treatments. It is more problematic in low- and middle-income countries. In the case of language difficulties in dementia, there is even less awareness and knowledge. As a consequence, patients and families may not be offered effective communication strategies to improve communication, function, and quality of life.

Project Details

Brazil has approximately 40,000 speech and language therapists (SLTs), and they could be key to reducing the impact of communication disorders in dementia if they are prepared to intervene.

This project aims to prepare SLT professionals in Brazil to intervene in communication disorders in dementia. This pilot project will conduct a survey study about awareness and knowledge of dementia amongst SLTs and an action plan. The action plan will advocate for having the topic of dementia included in the curriculum of SLT undergraduate courses, will develop guidelines for the SLT provision for people with dementia, and will disseminate knowledge about communication disorders in dementia amongst the SLTs.

This pilot project will increase awareness and knowledge on dementia amongst Brazilian SLTs so that communication disorders in dementia are detected and treated earlier and more effectively managed.