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Project Type - Pilot Projects

The Brain Health Assessment for diagnosis of MCI-Dementia in Primary Care

Validating cognitive measures for screening in Hispanic populations
Latin America & Caribbean


Population aging will lead to a dramatic increase in dementia prevalence and incidence across all world regions. Much of the increase will take place in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), however, awareness of dementia and early diagnosis is still low in LMIC. At same time Cognitive Impairment is not diagnosed in more than half of cases. One barrier is the precision of brief cognitive screens used in primary care settings; while usually adequate for detecting dementia, they often fail to detect mild cognitive impairment (MCI) with high specificity.

Project Details

This project seeks to advance progress towards this significant health issue by validating cognitive measures appropriated for screening in Hispanic populations living in LMIC. With this pilot project, we aim to validate the Brain Health Assessment for its use in the Cuban Population. Participants will be recruited at the community level by their primary care physician and will be evaluated by the research team and classified in Normal control, MCI, Dementia, and Subjective Cognitive Decline, all research participant will receive a second evaluation by a neuropsychologist who will apply the BHA blinded to the initial diagnosis. Completion of the proposed aims could provide successful development and validation of low-cost digital cognitive assessment for MCI and Dementia in Cuba. Finally, this project will develop a low-cost and user-friendly tool for cognitive assessment, with the potential to provide individuals in LMICs with appropriate and accurate dementia diagnoses, allowing them to benefit from health guidance, support and access to new therapies.