Children working in a classroom
Project Type - Pilot Projects, Artistic Initiatives

Brain Health Matters

Creating understanding around brain health at school.
Western Europe


The “Brain Health Matters” initiative is a creative effort to raise awareness, improve knowledge and promote better understanding of brain health and dementia prevention in young French students aged 10 years (elementary school fifth grade). Thanks to a strong inter-professional consortium of stakeholders, the pilot will compose a child-oriented narrative that will deliver scientific evidenced-based messages about brain health prevention in the form of a ten minutes video.

Project Details

The objectives of the grant are (1) the creation of an entirely new pedagogic video material in French language thanks to interdisciplinary collaborations; (2) the implementation test in the French school curriculum of three public and three private schools of the Parisian region that includes playing the video and assessing post-video knowledge thanks to the Kids Insight into Dementia Survey (short published questionnaire); (3) the development of a concomitant policy strategy to promote Brain Health Matters.

This innovative project intends to fill a substantial educational gap in the field of dementia prevention and awareness in France by generating a first-of-its-kind translational public health and educational action for school-age students. It is based on the strong belief that providing equity in information about brain health at school will have long-lasting effects around preventative lifestyles and behaviors, around perceptions about dementia, and will contribute to lower health inequities.