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The CANDID Initiative

Leveraging cognitive ageing dementia data from around the world


The CANDID initiative (Leveraging Cognitive Ageing Dementia Data from Around the World) aims to ease access to, and usability of, a platform of global datasets within the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) family of longitudinal aging studies. These studies contain rich data pertinent to cognitive aging and brain health, which can be leveraged to answer important research questions on dementia prevalence, risk factors and care worldwide, and to inform policy and prevention strategies.

Project Details

The CANDID initiative is a collaboration between TILDA (Trinity College Dublin) and HRS-USA (University of California San Francisco), funded by GBHI.

Arising from the initiative, TILDA has released a cognitive data comparability guide, a comprehensive resource detailing how to access and use the cognitive variables publicly available across HRS-family studies. The guide includes descriptions of the 12 HRS-family studies, links to data websites and cognitive variable codebooks as well as comparability tables of cognitive measures across studies and best practice guidelines for comparison of cognitive variables across studies. 

The project promotes global interaction and networking, and the comparability guide, in addition to easing access to a set of selected HRS cognitive measures, can facilitate large-scale longitudinal investigations of cognitive function in aging populations.