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Project Type - Pilot Projects

Genetics of Parkinson's Disease Dementia in the Mexican Population

Investigating the role of genetic markers in Parkinson's disease.
Latin America & Caribbean


Parkinson's disease (PD) is the second leading cause of dementia, only after Alzheimer's disease. Although PD has historically been considered a movement disorder, due to its cardinal motor signs, patients also experience a range of non-motor symptoms, which vary significantly in their onset, intensity, and progression. PD dementia is present in the advanced stages of PD in up to 83% of patients, typically affecting attention, executive function, memory, and visuospatial function. PD dementia is neglected/understudied, particularly in non-European ancestry populations. This project will use genetic and clinical data to investigate the role of dementia risk genetic markers in cognitive function and dementia risk among individuals with Parkinson's disease.

Project Details

This project aims to leverage existing datasets and ongoing data collection efforts to characterize the role of dementia genetic risk variants in the Mexican population, and in particular, among individuals with PD. The project addresses the need for increasing knowledge about the underrepresented and understudied populations at increased risk of developing dementia.