Stained glass window by Atlantic Fellow Mick O'Kelly
Project Type - Pilot Projects, Artistic Initiatives

Mapping the Space of Dementia

Building a participatory and collaborative space between Art and Science
Northern Europe


The Patient Public Voice will support and build on relationships and the collaborative process. To build a participatory and collaborative space between Art and Science, to create innovative ways to intervene into the lives of persons with dementia. To limit the impact of dementia and burden on carers by creating transformative spaces that stimulate the senses for one’s milieu and wellbeing.


Project Details

This pilot project brings together scientists, clinicians, care workers, care partners, and men and women living with dementia and an artist. I am using brain imaging technology to capture cognitive impairment to be mapped onto stained glass and installed in participant’s home environments. Mapping the space of dementia is about the indeterminate relationship between humans and space. It is how we position and locate ourselves in our world. I approach the idea that we are all complex and form identities that are marked out by difference and express ourselves with different capacities and abilities. However, some are caught in a milieu whose language is not always shared and communicated. My Pilot brings visibility to this occasion.