Group of people sitting in a circle on group therapy. Looking at their therapist and listening to her story
Project Type - Pilot Projects, Artistic Initiatives

Narratives on Caring and Being Cared For

Connecting communication skills with powerful and emotional stories from caregivers
Latin America & Caribbean


This project aims to produce a book to trigger a behavior change in healthcare workers by connecting communication skills with powerful and emotional stories from caregivers about the impact of communication on their lives. Together with federal institutes and universities, the project also aims to create a workshop to be used with the stories collected for the book in the healthcare schools.

Project Details

Communication skills do not get enough attention in health school as part of the curriculum. The lack of empathy and positive approach ultimately intensify the negative experience of dementia for the family members, and increase the professional's stress.

The investigator will participate in an intense lived experience in different settings (including the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Brazil) as an observer and journalistic/creative interviews with caregivers and professionals, researchers and key individuals for the project. This way it will be possible to build an impacting material capable of combining real stories, emotions and the need to advocate for good practice in communicating dementias. Additionally, the investigator will create a resource using the stories and reflections in the book for use in universities and healthcare courses. This will be a collaborative work with the Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, International Longevity Center, Brazilian Alzheimer's Society and a number of federal universities.