Colorful empty Streets of Cartagena (Colombia)
Project Type - Pilot Projects

Situational Analysis of Dementia in Colombia

Advancing efforts towards a national dementia plan for Colombia
Latin America & Caribbean


We propose to carry out a situational analysis of dementia in Colombia focused on epidemiological and stakeholder assessment. With this study we will use existing data from available sources to establish dementia prevalence, mortality rate, risk, and protective factors and economic costs, we will also address the social determinants of dementia in the Colombian population. We will identify critical stakeholders within and beyond government to understand what is happening from a top-down approach in the dementia field in the country.

Project Details

We expect that data generated by this pilot will be used to inform the government about the epidemiological and critical stakeholders for dementia in Colombia. It will advance efforts towards the creation of the national dementia plan for the country. We will conduct an embedded mixed-method study in which an epidemiological analysis of prevalence, mortality rate, risk, and protective factors; and economic costs and social patterning of dementia by using nationally representative mortality, administrative, and survey data.

These quantitative analyses will be followed by semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders in order to:

  1. Expand how do they understand dementia and their related problems.
  2. How can they engage with dementia planning in Colombia.

After combining the quantitative and qualitative findings and implications, we will provide public policy recommendations to inform the creation of the national dementia plan for the country.