Atlantic Fellow Grainne Hope plays cello and engages with older adult
Project Type - Pilot Projects

Understanding and Improving Dementia Care Via Clinical-Creative Partnership

Engaging the arts to inform care models for people living with dementia
Northern Europe


Engagement in the arts can play a significant role in care models for people living with dementia and their carers to support longer lives, better lived. There are many policies in Ireland that potentially have a bearing on dementia care both within the health and the arts sectors. However, there is little evidence of cross-disciplinary work from experience working in this area. This pilot project will engage with stakeholders and central figures in commissioning, care delivery, music in health facilitation, and people living with dementia (PLWD) in Ireland. 

Project Details

The pilot aims to 

  1. Identify and map the landscape of cross-sector stakeholders in the area of arts and health, 
  2. Achieve stakeholder input to develop a shared understanding of music and its potential benefits for quality of life for PLWD, 
  3. Produce a document with a set of recommendations and opportunities cross-sectorally, while 
  4. Beginning to build a practice-based network of cross-sector stakeholders working in creative partnerships in healthcare settings and, in particular, dementia care. 

This pilot is intended to be an educational and development project that will build on my more than 12 years of experience in the delivery of live music in healthcare settings in partnership with local authorities and the Health Services Executive (HSE) care settings in Ireland to examine outcomes, embed partnership opportunities across healthcare disciplines and care models, and scale the positive impacts of “Music and Health” practice in Ireland to support the lives of PLWD.