middle age woman
Project Type - Pilot Projects

Why Participate: Exploring Motives to Participate in Prevention Research

Researching dementia prevention in mid-life
Western Europe


Research suggests that brain changes seen in dementia may be present years or even decades before clinical symptoms arise. Therefore, there is a need for dementia prevention research in mid-life. The aim of this project is to explore the motives, facilitators, and organizational structural barriers to participation in dementia prevention/risk-reduction research in healthy middle-aged adults. The reason for this focus is to provide information that may help researchers to modify their research design and recruitment strategies in order to best support the inclusion of an equitable research population behaviors. To achieve this objective this pilot project will conduct a sub-study with PREVENT Study participants, who are healthy middle-aged adults currently participating in prevention/risk reduction research.

Project Details

The PREVENT study, being carried out at the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) in Trinity College Dublin, is part of an international study examining early biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease. This study will use three guiding topics that map onto the main objectives of the study to help facilitate the flow of the interviews. This study will recruit approximately 50 participants, from a convenience sample of individuals who agree to participate in further research. Three outputs will be developed from this study including two online educational resources for the general public: the first focused on behavior change for reducing lifestyle related risk, the second for stigma related specifically to the fear of personally receiving a dementia diagnosis and the third for researchers to encourage equitable, inclusive and supportive recruitment for prevention research.