Communi-TEA: A Biannual Call for Global Atlantic Fellows from GBHI

Event Details

Global Atlantic Fellows at GBHI are invited to "Communi-TEA," a twice a year call designed for the alumni community to connect and inspire.

Women sitting outdoors wearing warm casual clothing. They are laughing and talking together, drinking hot drinks.


  • Offered twice a year just for Global Atlantic Fellows from GBHI to go deep during a 90-minute call, aimed to also complement other channels for communication that are being utilized for connection such as the monthly GBHI Alumni Newsletter.
  • Now called “Communi-TEA” – Grab a cup of tea or other tasty beverage and settle into a call to catch up with fellow-fellows, learn about current projects in brain health equity, hear updates from GBHI team members, and more!
  • New elements to help you tap into your GBHI community.

Agenda (subject to change)

  • Welcome from Alumni Relations – Elisabetta Favero and Camellia Latta
  • Break-Out Rooms for Catching Up 
  • GBHI Site Director Updates – Brian Lawlor and Victor Valcour – State of GBHI 
  • Deep Dive – Naiara Demnitz, Global Atlantic Fellow – Lifestyle and indices of brain structure in older adults in England and Denmark and Q&A
  • Discussion on community care and wellness followed by Atlantic Institute Highlights from GFAB – Global Atlantic Fellows Anne Browning and Maritza Pintado Caipa and Q&A 
  • GBHI Team Updates
  • Closing Reflections 


Please contact with any questions.


Faculty, Global Atlantic Fellows, Staff