Atlantic Fellows Awarded Postgraduate Certificate in Equity in Brain Health

There were joyous celebrations at Trinity College Dublin as members of the 2022-2023 Atlantic Fellows cohort, at the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI), were awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Equity in Brain Health.

Atlantic Fellows February 2024 Trinity PG Cert Graduation

Atlantic Fellows Gráinne McGettrick, Mike Hanrahan and Anusha Yasoda-Mohan at the postgraduate certificate graduation ceremony at Trinity College Dublin. Photos by Paul Sharp, Sharppix

Since its inception, GBHI has strived to develop and enhance the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program which provides innovative training, networking, and support to emerging leaders focused on reducing the impact of dementia in their local communities and on a global scale. The 2022-2023 cohort year marked a significant milestone for our flagship fellowship—the award of academic Certificates from Trinity College Dublin and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to fellows who have completed the program—recognizing the standard of academic excellence achieved by the fellows and supporting their future career and educational journeys.

“This is a very happy day for the Global Brain Health Institute. There’s a wonderful sense of achievement in this cohort of fellows being awarded their postgraduate certificates at Trinity College,” said Brian Lawlor, Site Director of GBHI at Trinity. 

”The certification highlights GBHI’s commitment to health equity and the strength of its global footprint. It provides a more robust foundation for many additional efforts to expand GBHI’s training mission, including extended training for patient oriented postdoctoral trainees in brain health equity, and plans to enhance our capacity building mission in low and middle-income countries.”

32 Atlantic Fellows who completed the fellowship program at UCSF and Trinity in August 2023 were awarded this Certification—an achievement which was marked by a cohort wide celebration for the Global Brain Health Institute community. More recently fellows attending the in person Trinity academic graduation included:

  • Anusha Yasoda-Mohan (neuroscientist)—in addition to studying phantom auditory perception using experimental psychology, neuromodulation and neuroimaging, Anusha is immensely passionate about leveraging the arts as a medium to both comprehend and communicate the working of the brain.
  • Gráinne McGettrick (social scientist)—in her work at Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, Gráinne is responsible for the strategic development and delivery of the organization's research and policy agenda. She has spent her career working at the exciting interface of policy, research and advocacy in the fields of disability, older people and dementia.
  • Mike Hanrahan (writer, musician)—as an artist Mike strives to promote equity and care for brain health, inspiring friends, peers, communities, local government and society to be more inclusive, understanding and supportive of carers and those living with brain health issues.

“My reason for joining GBHI was to educate myself, because if I am going to be an advocate for a better life and better care for dementia, then I need to have the information.

My experience in Trinity will possibly go down as one of my greatest experiences in life—getting the best education that I can get, far beyond my expectations.”

—Mike Hanrahan, Atlantic Fellow

Atlantic Fellows are rising inter-professional leaders—neuroscientists, artists, writers, epidemiologists, geriatricians, musicians, psychologists, physicians and social activists—with the values, skills, passion, and determination to inspire positive change and protect the world’s populations from threats to brain health.

Learn more about this diverse community of over 232 fellows—current and alumni—from 53 countries across the globe:

2022-2023 Atlantic Fellows group leadership week Dublin

The 2022-2023 Atlantic Fellows cohort pictured during leadership week