Developing a core outcome set (COS) for Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB)

HRB open research

HRB Open Res. 2022 Aug 18;5:57. doi: 10.12688/hrbopenres.13590.1. eCollection 2022.


Background: Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is an important cause of dementia with a range of clinical manifestations, including motor, neuropsychiatric, and autonomic symptoms. Compared with more common forms of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease, DLB has been the focus of significantly fewer treatment studies, often with diverse outcome measures, making comparison and clinical implementation difficult. A core outcome set (COS) can address this by ensuring that data are comparable, relevant, useful, and usable for making the best healthcare decisions. Methods: Using a multi-stage approach, development of the DLB-COS will include the following stages: (1) A systematic review, following PRISMA guidelines to create an initial long list of outcomes; (2) A two-round online Delphi including clinicians, scientists, policymakers, and individuals with lived experience of DLB and their representatives; (3) An online consensus meeting to agree on the final core list of outcomes (the final DLB-COS) for use in research and clinical practice; (4) A literature search to identify appropriate measurement instruments for the DLB-COS outcomes; (5) A final consensus meeting of the professional stakeholders who attended the online consensus meeting to agree on the instruments that should be used to measure the outcomes in the DLB-COS; and (6) Global dissemination. Discussion: This is a multi-stage project to develop a COS to be used in treatment trials for DLB. A DLB-COS will ensure the selection of relevant outcomes and will identify the instruments to be used to measure DLB globally.

PMID:36619176 | PMC:PMC9772580 | DOI:10.12688/hrbopenres.13590.1


Emilia Grycuk
Emily Eichenholtz
Dag Aarsland
Sara Betzhold
Gillian Daly
Ann-Kristin Folkerts
Elke Kalbe
Joseph Pm Kane
Irina Kinchin
Ian Saldanha
Valerie Smith
John-Paul Taylor
Rachel Thompson
Iracema Leroi