Adolfo García, PhD


If we are to reduce the burden of dementia, we must embrace a pluralistic philosophy for research, clinical, and awareness-raising activities.

Current Work

Adolfo is a cognitive neuroscientist who specializes in language and interpersonal communication.

Personal Hero

Allan Holdsworth

Words of Strength

Building and coordinating interdisciplinary teams


Dementia is a multidetermined phenomenon. Therefore, no single approach will hold the key to its full understanding and management. If we are to reduce the burden of dementia, we must embrace a pluralistic philosophy for research, clinical, and awareness-raising activities.


Adolfo’s research combines neurolinguistic experiments, formal language assessments, and natural speech analysis to characterize and discriminate among different neurodegenerative diseases. Verbal skills are variously vulnerable to neurodegeneration and understanding their disturbances can inform diagnostic, prognostic, and monitoring procedures.


Adolfo’s goal as an Atlantic Fellow is to optimize current language-oriented assessments of neurodegeneration. By identifying objective, automated, affordable, non-stressful, and scalable linguistic markers of neurodegenerative diseases, he aims to promote more equitable clinical opportunities for patients in Latin America.


Neurodegeneration and dementia are escalating across Latin America. Yet, gold-standard diagnostic techniques are often unavailable or unaffordable for most patients. Cutting-edge neurolinguistic assessments can offer sensitive, affordable, non-invasive, and ecological alternatives to discriminate among neurodegenerative diseases and track symptom severity.

Education & Experience

Adolfo specializes in the neuroscience of language and social interaction. He serves as Co-Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Center (Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina), Adjunct Researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Argentina), Director of the Maters in Language and Cognition at UNCuyo (Argentina). His training included research stays at New York University and Rice University (United States), as well as postdoc at the Institute of Cognitive Neurology (Argentina). He has published over 170 scientific works and offered more than 150 presentations at academic meetings. He also works actively in science dissemination activities.

Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)
Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health

Awards & Honors

Buenos Aires Parliament
Establishment of early linguistic biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease
La Voz Daily
Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs in Argentina
City Hall of Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Distinguished Citizen of Balcarce
MTC Neurodegenerative Disease Research Contest
Linguistic deficits and brain correlates as neurocognitive biomarkers in movement disorders
Second Prize
Mendoza, Argentina
Contributions to the field of neuroscience
Distinguished Visitor of San Martín, Mendoza
Argentine Association of Behavioral Science, San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina
Young Researcher Award
School of Philosophy and Language, National University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina)
PhD thesis: Towards a neurolinguistic model of lexemic equivalence: Translation processes in relational network terms
Honorable Mention
Ibero-American Society of Neuroeducation
presentation “Bilingualism, neuroeducation and curriculum design: A neurolinguistic perspective on EFL teaching in Argentina”
Research Award
President’s Committee of the Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States
Presentation “Functional and Anatomical Organization of Translation Routes in the Bilingual Brain”
Most Outstanding Paper Award
National University of Mar del Plata, School of Humanities
English Teacher Training Program
Outstanding Student
Mar del Plata Community College
Technical-Scientific Translation Program
Highest historical GPA



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