Chukwuanugo Ogbuagu, MBBS, PhD, MWACP

Public Health Physician and Lecturer

To reduce the impact of dementia, we need to create global awareness on brain health and evidence based research backed up by a team of global experts.

Current Work

Public Health Physician, University Lecturer and Dementia Advocate.

Personal Hero

Nelson Mandela

Words of Strength

Building relationships, making connections, research collaborations


To reduce the impact of dementia, we all need well coordinated global innovative awareness creation on brain health and evidence based research backed up by a team of global competent experts. This will make an impact.


Chukwuanugo is coordinating a team of volunteers in a registered, non-for-profit organization, as well as geriatric clinic consultations in the hospital. This has helped in awareness creation, case finding and counseling to improve quality of life.


As an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, Chukwuanugo hopes to conduct an epidemiologic survey of dementia using diagnostic test tool kits to enhance care of persons living with dementia in Nigeria as well as other collaboration opportunities.


Dementia is a silent epidemic that is under reported, neglected and misinterpreted as witchcraft in some religious and cultural settings in Chukwuanugo's home country Nigeria. As a Physician, he believe's that there is an urgent need to change this trend.

Education & Experience

Chukwuanugo was awarded a Bachelor of Sciences degree (BSc) in Biological Sciences before enrolling for his medical training at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria. Chukwuanugo also received a Master's degree in Public Health Parasitology, before completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health at the same University. He is a Member of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) before specializing as a Member West African College of Physicians (MWACP) in Public Health. He is also a lecturer at Nnamdi Azikiwe Univerisity Faculty of Medicine and a visiting Senior Lecturer at the Department of Public Health, School of Allied Health Sciences, Kampala International University, Ishaka Uganda.

Awards & Honors

EDCTP Ninth Forum Portugal Scholarship Award
Life Member International Fellowship of Rotarian Physicians