Current Work

Ieva is an arts researcher, facilitator, and manager focused on accessibility and inclusion, particularly in the context of cultural institutions. Since 2016, she has studied how cultural institutions can become more open and inclusive to diverse audiences and can induce social change.

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Words of Strength

Listening and hearing


To better support people living with dementia and their families, Ieva believes we need to rethink the service and support systems by answering the question, “who is at the center of the work we are doing?”


Ieva is strengthening personal-public involvement in the decision-making process and developing a cross-disciplinary initiative between the arts, health, social services, education, and public policy that would support dementia strategy development in Lithuania.


Ieva learned from other Atlantic Fellows about their experiences in working in dementia care, support, and prevention in their countries – this exchange and new connections helped me to reflect on her work.


There is a significant lack of knowledge of dementia in social, nursing, medical, and home care sectors. While most services are public, the adequacy and accessibility of services for people living with dementia are limited, with few chances to participate in social activity.

Education & Experience

Ieva Petkutė received Art History and Cultural Management and Cultural Policy training from Vilnius Academy of Arts. After completing an internship at the Institute of European Studies in France, her professional career took a shift to the field of the arts for health. Ieva has implemented numerous local and international art projects that advocate for the right to culture and art for everyone.

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Art History, Cultural Management and Cultural Policy
Professional Training
Institute of European Studies in France