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Irina Kinchin, PhD, MSc

Health Economist

To reduce the scale and impact of dementia, we need access to information, education, and person-centred value-based care.

Current Work

Irina is an Assistant Research Professor in Health Economics at the Centre for Health Policy and Management at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She is leading a program of work examining the ‘beyond health’ approach to policy and priority setting in relation to populations with complex needs, particularly in dementia and end-of-life settings.

Personal Hero

Professor Jane L. Phillips

Words of Strength

“Dignity”, “Understanding”, “Impact”


Irina’s lifelong vision as a health economist is dedicated to accelerating, through research, improvements in the quality of life of populations with complex needs within limited healthcare budgets.


To shift the boundaries of economic evaluation measurement and design to enable the inclusion of diverse voices of people living with dementia and their care partners to support person-centred, value-based care. To grow the next generation of inspired health economists.


The diverse voices of people living with dementia and their care partners shall form the basis for priority setting at the individual level, in policy and research agendas. Inclusion of the lived experience is critical to ensure healthcare systems deliver desired and cost-effective care.

Education & Experience

Irina has been recognised as one of the top 12 leading health researchers in Ireland by the Health Research Board award. She has over ten years of applied health economics research and evaluation experience in Australia and Ireland. 

Irina began her postdoctoral research trajectory over a decade ago, working with Indigenous peoples of Australia and people at risk of suicide. The complex health system often discriminates against these vulnerable populations. She received world-leading specialist MSc training in health economics at the University of York, which fostered a passion for pursuing answers to health inequity and promoted an ambition to use health economics as a tool to mitigate discrimination, advance value-based research, and improve individuals’ quality of life. In 2019, she joined the Global Brain Health Institute to make transformative changes at the crossroads of health economics and brain health.

Irina has a range of international collaborations across Australia, Ireland, the UK, France, Spain and Latin America. Her international expertise has been recognised by her recent appointment as a health economist to the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) National Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) sub-committee in the UK and as a panel member on the independent grant assessment committee Clinician Researchers Initiative for the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) in Australia.

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